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American vrs Israeli Makeup

Posted by Binah on Monday, November 5, 2018, In : Makeup Trends 
   I moved to Israel 6 month ago from America. There is definitely a difference in beauty trends and beauty culture
between the two countries.  
Of course there are many different types of people and styles, I absolutely do not
want to stereotype because 
both Israel and America have a diverse culture with people from many different ethic
backgrounds .
Please keep in mind that what I’m writing is from my personal experience and point of view.
   Both American and Israeli Woman love cosmetics. Th...

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Posted by Binah on Sunday, November 4, 2018,
Hi! Welcome to my first blog post. Back in 2010 , I had a blog but I got married , had kids ,
moved to a new country and my new life took the drivers wheel and my work life was in
 the backseat. Since 2010, the cosmetics industry has changed significantly.
Professional makeup artists used to be the ones who held the secrets of the trade.
 Now influencers are the ones many people turn to for makeup advise.
Large cosmetics companies that have been around for decades are now sharing the
 spotlight ...

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