First Impressions: Vaseline Spray Moisturizer

Posted by Binah on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Under: Product Reviews
Rub rub rub rub . Greasy, staining, and I still feel dry ! Ugh why has it not absorbed yet ??
Okay I have other things to do. Hours later, I’m itchy and ashy. 
😞 And...... This why I end
up skipping body moisturizers. 

Products that are not efficient and simply crafted , I don’t care for. So what to do about that itchy,
flaking , and so not cute dry skin. Ya know, the kind that flakes , leaving the insides of your leggings
and tights looking like a snake shed it’s skin there?

Last year, after a recommendation from The Dr Oz Show, I discovered the Aquaphor spray moisturizer .
In less than 5 seconds , I had smooth and moisturized skin. Last week at my local grocery store, I saw the
Vaseline intensive care spray moisturizer. I’ve have never really used Vaseline products , except when I
was a kid in the 80s, every household had a jar of Vaseline, it was the cure for everything . I decided to give
this spray moisturizer a try .

So at this point I’m sure your curious , thumbs up or down ? I give it a thumbs up ! I like that it is a very
convenient and efficient way to apply a body moisturizer. It contains micro fine particles of Vaseline jelly ,
which allows the moisture to absorb quickly . When I spray it , the product is evenly distributed and the nozzle
does not clog or get a build up like hairspray bottles tend to. I only need to apply it one time and my skin feels
moisturized the entire day. There are several different types of Vaseline spray to choose from ; dry skin repair,
aloe vera , and coco radiant. I purchased the coco radiant spray. It has a super mild and warm coco scent plus
it leaves the skin with a slightly radiant finish. Word of caution, when you spray the product, the mist can land
on the floor making it very slippery.

I purchased it for ₪29.90 until 22.11.18 it’s ON SALE at Super Farm for ₪19.90

In America ,you can buy it at Walmart for $6.98 

Have any of you tried this ? Let me know your thoughts .

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