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Posted by Binah on Monday, November 5, 2018 Under: Makeup Trends
   I moved to Israel 6 month ago from America. There is definitely a difference in beauty trends and beauty culture
between the two countries.  
Of course there are many different types of people and styles, I absolutely do not
want to stereotype because 
both Israel and America have a diverse culture with people from many different ethic
backgrounds .
Please keep in mind that what I’m writing is from my personal experience and point of view.
   Both American and Israeli Woman love cosmetics. The difference that I see is that in America , the everyday
look involves more makeup. Walking down the street, you can easily find a woman with a full face of makeup,
woman with “trendy” makeup, or edgy makeup looks. In Israel , most woman, day to day keep a more natural look .
However , when it comes to a special event you can absolutely see a more dramatic look from Israeli woman;
specifically in bridal makeup. The go - to Israeli bridal look is super bronzed and glowing skin, neutral palette
smoked out eyes , full brows and a nude lip. The hair is often down and full with perfectly placed waves or up
and glamorous . American brides tend to have a more natural and soft look. The skin is more matte but with
specifically placed high light . Soft eye makeup with neutrals, pinks , and plums then a thin eyeliner. Cheeks are
 flushed and lips are often in the pink family. Bridal hair tends to be a loose and romantic up-do .
Special occasion or night out looks for American clients are typically a more dramatic eye with a nude lip.
In Israel you can often see a bold red lip for those special occasions  .
   For my fellow makeup artists and business minded people , in a later blog , I will be talking about the contrasting
retail cosmetics industry between the two countries.  

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